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Tin Duy Nguyen

director of photography




Fun fact: My name is Tin with a strong emphasis on the "N" and my family name, "Nguyen," is actually pronounced as "Win."  Yes, my name does rhyme and yes, I am aware it doesn't make phonetic sense.

Anyway, I'm a director of photography and my work can be found below.

I've spent a majority of my film-making career working with other dedicated people to create images that evoke emotion and communicate feeling.

From an unscripted, candid moment to a pre-visualized designed shot, I hope to impart a cinematic vision based on my inspirations and experiences to enhance the story being told.

I love my wife, mini poodles, visual contrast, and collaboration. I enjoy a big bowl of Pho on a cold winter night, a spirited round of spikeball with my best buds and very much dislike drama in the workplace.  

I strive to learn and progress with every challenge, obstacle and project.

I really enjoy meeting and working with new people so let's create something together.



2020 Reel

2020 Reel

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